Friday, November 10, 2017

Product Review: Joe Rogan Utility Belt by Datsusara

The Joe Rogan Utility Belt is the Crown Prince of bum bags (what we call them in Australia) or fanny packs (the term used by our American friends).

Fashionable? Maybe not. However notable fanny pack antifashionistas are legion. I include only wrestling and MMA celebrities here. The wider circle includes Kardashians and Jenners ...  you'll thank me later for sparing you.

Joe Rogan

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Chuck Norris

UFC Champion Georges St Pierre with his coach - and fanny pack proponent - John Danaher

Hulk Hogan

Matt Serra giving props to John Danaher's fanny pack at 4:40 (Viewer advice: very frequent coarse language)

The JRUB is made from hemp - "the ultimate natural fibre, 4X stronger than cotton". It is very strong and Datsusara advertise it as having antibacterial properties. The stitching on the bag is precise and strong. Zippers are plastic, "self healing" (check the Tech Specs on the purchase page link below), and precisely stitched in. It looks and feels strong and well put together.

It has a flap in front with a zip pocket which can be used for small flat items like train passes, credit cards, tickets, etc. A large zip pocket on one side just a bit too small for your wallet that you can access without popping the top flap. You're wallet will fit inside the main pocket of the bag just fine, with room for your phone, eyeglasses and case, passport and plane ticket, and more. There are a couple of additional smaller pockets (one zipped, one with velcro tabs that can be used for coins, notes, etc. 

Front zip pocket for passes and tickets and quick access

Fully loaded with room for more

Datsusara corporate product video

It has loops on the outside that you could attach other things to, keys, etc. Though the thing will get so big it starts to weight you down. I found that wearing it slightly off center allows me to balance it on my hip bone so it doesn't feel like it's pulling my stomach and spine forward.

This is a quality piece of equipment. The bag itself is not expensive, but shipping from the USA is pretty steep. Maybe consider bundling it with one of their other, larger travel bags, or try to pick one up on a visit to the US, if that is a concern.

Rockin' the JRUB, ready for anything

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