Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Jiu Jitsu Flow drills from Rick Spain

 Drills picked up by Rick Spain from Rigan Machado at The Gathering 2016.

1. Your partner is kneeling, torso vertical. You are in turtle position, on his left next to him, facing the same direction. Roll to your R over your R shoulder to finish with him between your legs in a loose guard. Roll to the other side to end up in turtle on his R side. Repeat on the other side. Repeat.

2. You are on your back. He has a loose side control ("table top") on your R side with both his elbows on your far side.  You have you R elbow in his L hip, L arm underhooked under his R armpit. Swing your legs in a pendulum fashion similar to the crossover escape from front control. Use the momentum to come out the far side (on his R), coming up on your R elbow to your knees, roughly parallel to him on his R. He then shoulder rolls to put you in his guard. Repeat.

(Not sure if I remembered that one (2) correctly. You could make it a continuous drill by you coming out from under as above, then he shoulder rolls to guard, then you pass his guard (somehow - basic pass, knee through, etc.) to end up in side control. Then it's his turn.)

3. You are kneeling, torso vertical. Your partner is turtled on your left. He shoulder rolls to his R to put you in his guard as in drill 1. Catch his L leg with your R hand, pin his R knee to the floor with your L and initiate a knee-through pass over his R thigh with your L knee. Switch onto your L hip, keeping control of his R leg with your L shin. Pull/push his L leg down so you can hook it with the back of your L shin. Triangle your L shin with your R knee and come to your knees, trapping his L leg with yours. Roll over your L shoulder over him towards his legs for a Twister Roll. You should end up behind him, grab his belt or collar, get your R hook in on his R leg and secure a seatbelt control with your arms. Let him out. His turn. Repeat, keep swapping.

4. You have mount. His arms are up in the "scared little girl" position protecting his neck. Grip both his sleeves with the C finger grip, but the thumbs not involved, Now put your hands on his wrists so the fingers are in one side and the thumb on the other. Pop up to your feet, but stay fairly low, pulling his arms straight, flaring them out. Trap his L arm with your R shin. Stay up on your L foot. Manipulate his R arm, bending his it into a kimura position over your L knee. Secure the kimura grip and apply the submission. Repeat.

5. Same starting position as for 4. Pin his L arm with your R shin and manipulate his R arm into the kimura position as before. Post on your L arm and R foot, control his L elbow with your R arm and take your L foot over his head to the R side of his head. Push with your L arm and roll him to your R so he ends up on his stomach, Your R foot on the mat controlling the descent, until you finish in an omoplata position  with his L arm trapped with him face down to your L. Adjust your position and apply the omoplata finish. Always roll backwards to undo the omoplata for safety, after you get the tap.

6. Same start as for 4 and 5. Get his arm bent as for the kimura. This time, reach under your L leg with your L arm to grab the back of his collar. Fall onto your L hip and roll across your back, taking your L shin over his head next to his R ear as you roll. You may be able to use your R hand to assist with getting your L foot into the right position. If he stays sitting up, you may be able to underhook his L arm with yours, so you can then omoplata his R arm while pulling back on his L. If he goes straight to his stomach. just apply the omoplata as above. If he is flat and you move your hips away from him in the omoplata position, you may still be able to fish for that L arm for extra control.

7. You have mount and the grips as before. He is not allowing you to get the arms. Jump to your feet and sit the backs of your thighs on his elbows. Transfer both grips to his R sleeve and yank it upward, two hands on one. Push his R hand to your R hip with your L, pick up his head with your R and slide your R shin behind his neck, triangling it off with your L knee for the mounted triangle.

8. Same start as in 8, pulling up with both hands on his L. Slide your R shin around his neck as before, but go a little further and get on your R side until your R foot is on his R collar bone, Keep moving around behind him and secure the reverse triangle with his L arm in. Hide the L foot behind his L hip. If he manages to turn toward you, just change back to the normal triangle from guard. If He postures up from there, change to the armbar from guard.

9. You are mounted with the same grips as before. He is not giving you the arms again. This time, stand up fully and move back. dragging him up and pulling his arm away from his body. Let go his L arm and move to 2 on 1 on his R arm. Step up toward his shoulder with your L leg and put your weight on it so the R leg is light. swing the R leg over the L (his L) side of his neck and collapse onto that shin, to again take the mounted triangle.

10. As for 10, stand up, step back and pull his arms away from his body. Step your R foot over next to his R hip. Push his L arm next to his R ribs with your R and push his R arm across his body with your L to roll him onto his L side. Pull his R arm up with your L as you put your R knee on his ribs under his shoulder, Transfer your R grip to his R arm as well, keeping it straight and the R hand well away from any attempt from him to grab it with his L. Step over his head with your L foot and sit down, applying the armbar on his R arm, your R foot unnder his shoulder blade so his shoulder is well controlled.

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