Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I first learned the Peruvian Necktie  (a type of choke applied to a turtled opponent) a couple of years ago. I understood it during the lesson, but found it a bit awkward to apply and never pursued it.

Fast forward to last week. We practised a few attacks to a turtled opponent, including the anaconda choke, and among the progression of techniques was the Peruvian Necktie. This time, the instructor demonstrated it, and we practised it, on the opposite side to that shown by the instructor who had first showed it to me. This time, it seemed really straightforward and easy. One of the harder parts of the technique is getting the second leg over your opponent's back, so he can't roll forward or jump over the leg to escape. On the side I learned it on first, I felt really unco. But this time, it all just seemed to flow beautifully.

So, if something isn't working for you on one side, try it on the other side before giving up on it.

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